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A local Business who has a physical presence such as a dentist or medical practitioner, requires a very different marketing approach than a business which is entirely or to a large extend online based and without a brick and mortar location.

For more than 20 years we have worked with companies located in many different countries, and we have seen drastic changes in digital marketing over those two decades. The pace is relentless, and even established dental and medical practitioners finding it more and more difficult to select and than implement the right strategies.

Online marketing has become a highly specialized subject. Knowing which way to go and what strategies are best suited is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We deliver unique and innovative marketing. We don’t have ‘one size fits all solutions’.

We don’t just talk about it, but we work closely with all our clients and develop and implement marketing concepts which are right for their individual needs. Can we deliver results? We let our clients do the talking. Take a look what they have to say.

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Our Services

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    Web Development

    NO TURN KEY websites with us. Everything we do is unique to your practice. Your website and its functionalities are created specifically for your needs.

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    Content Creation

    First class content transfers the “feel” of your philosophy to your site visitors, readers and patients and subsequently translate that into a brand people want to be associated with.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Social networks allow you to develop excellent and valuable interactive relationships with existing and potential future patients. Engagement with your patients is KEY.

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    Google Local Search Marketing

    Practices which focus and invest in local search marketing will gain a formidable and sustainable competitive advantage. Local search marketing has to be a crucial part of dental and medical marketing.

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    Video Marketing

    Videos have a direct impact on how your website ranks in the search results. We know Google loves rich media, such as videos. This is easy to understand since Google is the owner of YouTube.

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    Mobile Marketing

    Successful mobile marketing requires an understanding of who your mobile audience is and could be. Once identified, we create high quality content your audience will love and want to engage with.

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    Email Marketing

    Close to 62% of mobile conversions came from email in 2016 The number of consumers checking up their email on their mobile devices is now greater than 51%. These are significant numbers.

Social Media & Video Marketing are MASSIVE for Businesses. Contact Us!

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